Thursday, 6 June 2013

LL #12- Tying Up Loose Ends

Well, wow. Where to even begin? So this is going to be my last learning log, which is pretty insane. 

The exam is written, projects are pretty much done, we just have a few loose ends to tie up and we're finished. 

So now to sum up this experience. I know this class has been mostly trial and error and a lot of experimentation, but I can honestly say I'm very glad I got to be a part of it. I know at the beginning of the semester I thought having a six person LA class was going to be weird and kinda awkward. It really wasn't though. And I definitely had my doubts about how things would go when the idea of blogs and self-made projects were brought up, but I think they turned out quite successful. 

As we've mentioned, we said we'd accomplish some things in this class that we didn't and accomplished some things we had no intention of doing, but I think that was all part of the fun. This class was new, unexpected and fresh and I think one that will stick in my memory for years to come. I truly believe that I have come away from this class and learned something, (Which to be honest, I can't say for every class) and I am grateful for that. So yes! Thank you Mr. Hazeu for this really cool experience, I'm really glad I got to be apart of it!

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