Tuesday, 28 May 2013

LL #11- Project Is Done!

So I'm feeling decently accomplished today (even though this learning log is a tad late...whoops.) because I AM DONE MY PROJECT! It's definitely a nice relief to be finished. I mean, I still have stuff to finish for this class but the biggest part of my work is done.

Basically what my project ended up being was a tumblr blog dedicated to Myers Briggs personality types. I broke down each of the sixteen personality types, did some research on each type and made a short summary of all sixteen types on the blog. This really allowed my to get a sense of each individual type and the  similarities and differences between each. I also got some of my friends and classmates to take the Myers Briggs personality test, so it was really cool to learn their type and test how accurate their summary was.

This project has also given me an appreciation for how in depth this test really is as well. From the people I know who have taken the test, the results have been pretty much completely accurate and when I read about their personality type there have been quite a few things for each of them that I've read that make me go "Oh yay, that's totally something they do" or "That totally reminds me of them."

So overall, really glad I picked this topic for my project. It was one that kept me interested the whole time and the information I learned from this is not something I'm going to forget anytime soon.

Also if you're interested, here's my Myers Briggs blog:

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  1. Your interest in Myers Briggs is contagious; I'm finding myself remembering the profiles now and again as I see certain behaviours.

    I will spend more time on your tumblr, but one initial observation is that you don't credit your sources. That's one improvement that could be made before the semester is complete.