Monday, 15 April 2013

LL #6- Poem Friends

This week has pretty much been immersed in poetry! Both in Lit and Comp class, we've been studying poetry and it's really given me a new appreciation for poems.

This week in Comp, our assignment was to make a new "poem friend." Basically we spent time researching and reading different poetry and picked a poem to present to the class. In our presentation we were supposed to read the poem and point out the different literary devices the author used.

The poem I picked was "Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep." (which you can read here if you want) I really liked this poem a lot because it takes a serious and sad thing like grief, but really sheds hope on the whole situation.
I also really liked how the words in the poem flow. The poem does rhyme, which to be honest I didn't even realize at first because it's done in such a subtle way, and that was something I really liked.

In Lit, we've been doing something a little different. Rather than reading poetry, we've been trying to write our own and been learning different techniques on how to do that. Writing poetry is something that I found kinda intimidating, and I've never really been good at but the techniques we are learning in this class are definitely a big help. To give a quick summary, what we did was write out a list of emotions and then pick out one to just list a bunch of situations that would make you feel that emotion. From there we picked out two or three and wrote a couple paragraphs about them. We then picked our favourite and just eliminated words and put it into the form of a poem. I found this exercise actually pretty fun and it was something way less intimidating then just being told to write a poem from scratch.

So yay, with all the poetry we've studied this week, I've actually really developed a new appreciation and interest for poems and I'm looking forward to studying them even more!

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  1. Do you think you'll read poetry after we're finished our units in class? Will song lyrics be more important to you? I have seen a few of you rediscover poetry after some time away from it, but I'm really curious about whether or not the renaissance will last.