Tuesday, 30 April 2013

LL #8- Assessments

This week we've been discussing how to assess our projects. We've brainstormed and discussed a couple ideas but I don't think we're still sure how exactly to mark our projects.

Pretty much everything you do in school is for a mark and that's usually the main motivation. The point of this project however is to be motivated by the fact that you want to learn about the topic you've selected. Of course, I think we should still be marked the project, but I'm still stumped as to how.

There are also other things we've been marked on this class that can make up our final grade. These blog posts, our poetry presentation, assignments for Fahrenheit 451 and our provincial exam all result in our grade for this class. The main focus on this class doesn't really seem to be the grade we get, which is nice. Of course we have to get credit and a mark somehow but I like that not being the main focus.


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  2. I'm glad you've enjoyed the shift in focus away from marks. How effective are marks in motivating you to do school work? Are there other motivational factors involved?

    When you begin planning your assessment, you can start by thinking about the products you're producing and the processes/skills you're using and then ask yourself questions such as, "What makes this a quality product? How effective was this process? Did I use this skill well?" These types of questions will help you develop some criteria to help assess the quality and effectiveness of your work. We'll spend some time on specifics in class.